I've been fascinated by arcade video games since they first became available in the late 1970's. By 1983 having one of my own had become a serious obsession. Of course I told my wife (and at the time even believed myself) that one would be enough. Anyone into these machines knows that you just can't stop at one! One became many, so many that I've long lost count. Somewhere along the way I picked up the pinball bug too. I was never and am still not much of a pinball player but I love to work on these machines and to keep them in top shape.

My electronics and computer background combined with strong mechanical skills were a perfect match for restoration and repair of these beasts many of which had seen some hard life before I had my chance at them. With the many machines I've owned and serviced I've learned the typical failure modes of many machines allowing for fast service and also to anticipate lots of failures before they actually occur.

The following are some pictures of my own game room and as you can see I've got a serious addiction!



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