Minimum Service Call: $160

This gets me there and covers the first hour of labor. Many repairs are completed in the first hour. If additional time is needed the cost is $80/hr. Parts of course are extra. The majority of repairs can be completed in just one trip providing I have enough of information from you to allow me to bring the correct parts to get the job done. The more you can tell me about the work that needs doing the more likely it will be for me to get it right the first time so everyone is happy. If you choose to bring your machine directly to me for repair I'll just charge the $80/hr rate for the time I work on your machine.

Rick's Game Repair is based out of Elburn IL which is just west of the Geneva/St. Charles area. I'm willing to travel to most of the Chicago suburbs however excessive travel time (more than 1 hour) will be billed at the $80/hr rate. Whenever possible I will group service calls in a particular area together to save me the travel time and avoid extra charges. I typically won't do service work in Chicago itself unless it's a machine you purchased from me.

What I service:

I have over 38 years of experience in the repair and restoration of arcade video games and solid state pinball machines. I'll work on most arcade video games but there are some that are so difficult to keep running that I may not agree to service them. No one wins if you start pouring money into a machine that experience tells me is likely to die of a totally different problem the next day. For pinball machines I like to stay with 1985 and newer machines. The first generation of solid state pinball machines (roughly 1977 through 1984) can be troublesome to keep running. People are often able to buy this vintage of pinball machine very cheap and the reason is that they can be hard to keep going or have often been neglected to the point where a large effort is needed to get them in shape. I'm good but I can't work miracles in just a few hours. I will consider working on the pre-1985 Bally and Williams pinball machines but don't have the background or parts on hand for this vintage of Gottlieb pinball games.

What I don't service:

I've got limited experience with juke boxes, slot machines, dart machines and early EM (Electromechanical) pinball machines. If I'm at your place servicing the machines I specialize in I may be talked into looking at some of these others but I don't have the parts and documentation needed to properly provide service on them. However, I can often refer you to someone better equipped than I to repair your machine so don't hesitate to ask.

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